God’s World and God’s People

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In Genesis, the book of beginnings, God is revealed as the Creator, Sustainer, Judge, and Redeemer, who brought all things into being. The fall quarter surveys the book of Genesis in developing sessions on God’s creation of the universe, earth, and people. It also details how God continues to co-labor with sinful humanity in reconciling and re-creating order in all things.


UNIT 1 • God Created the World

This unit has five sessions. They concentrate on God’s creating the universe, earth, and people and then declaring all things created good. Although God created and sustains all life, humankind is special to God and unique. Session Four explores how God established the institution of marriage and the process of reproduction in order to populate the earth. Session Five explains how humankind chose to do wrong and thus introduced sin into God’s perfectly created world.


Lesson 1: September 2, 2018

God Created the Heavens and Earth

Genesis 1:1–13

The wonders of the universe amaze even the keenest of human minds. Who is responsible for such marvelous and breathtaking creativity? God is the Creator of all these marvelous wonders.


Lesson 2: September 9, 2018

God Created Plants and Animals

Genesis 1:14–25

People’s life experiences sometimes lead them to question whether the universe is ordered or unpredictably chaotic. How do the diverse parts of nature work together? God brought order to the universe God made, establishing the heavenly bodies and filling the sea, sky, and land with diverse and abundant life.

Lesson 3: September 16, 2018

God Created People

Genesis 1:26–31; 2:4–7

How the world and humans came to be is explored and questioned by many people. Where did people come from? God created people as the highest form of creation made in the image of God, and people are supported by all of God’s creation.


Lesson 4: September 23, 2018

God Created the Family

Genesis 2:18–24; 4:1–2

Humans often wonder what their purpose is in life and how they relate to all that is around them. What is our purpose and where do we fit in? God created families to support and care for one another and to care for all of God’s creation.


Lesson 5: September 30, 2018

God Creates, Humans Sin

Genesis 3:8–17, 20–24

Irresponsible rebellion pervades our world. Why is disregard for rules, which are necessary for ordered life, so pervasive? Although God created a perfect place for Adam and Eve, their unwillingness to trust and obey God led to the Fall, making humanity prone to disobedience.


UNIT 2 • God Destroys and Re-Creates

This unit has four sessions. Noah and his family are presented in the first two sessions as righteous followers of God, who help repopulate and restore the earth after the destruction caused by the great flood. The biblical couples, Abraham and Sarah, and Isaac and Rebekah, who worked with God in the cycle of continuing creation, are studied in the last two sessions of the unit.

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Lesson 6: October 7, 2018

Noah’s Steadfast Faith

Genesis 6:9–22

Faithfulness is a needed quality of life, but it is difficult to achieve. How can persons be faithful in difficult situations? Noah is an empowering example of someone who remained faithful to what God asked him to do regardless of the opposing circumstances and consequences.


Lesson 7: October 14, 2018

God Is Always Working

Genesis 10:1; 11:10, 27, 31–32; 12:1–4

Many tasks seem daunting or even impossible for mere human effort. How can mere humans accomplish such challenging and important work? Genesis teaches that God worked over many generations from Noah to Abraham in order to bring blessings to the entire world.


Lesson 8: October 21, 2018

Abraham and Sarah Trust God’s Promise

Genesis 18:9–15; 21:1–7

Because of past promises that were not fulfilled, we find it hard to trust future promises. What can help us have faith and confidence to depend on important promises that shape our lives? Although Abraham and Sarah had to wait a long time for God’s promise of a son to be born to them to shape all people of the earth, God showed them that this promise was trustworthy.


Lesson 9: October 28, 2018

Isaac and Rebekah Continue the Legacy

Genesis 24:12–21, 61–67

People often must face decisions that will change their lives forever. How can we make the most of the opportunities life gives us? Rebekah took initiative in answering the call to become the wife of Isaac and thus to play an important role in the unfolding of God’s promises.


UNIT 3 • God Blesses and Creates Regardless

This unit has four sessions. We will explore how God blessed humble Isaac in enemy territory, and consider how Jacob deceitfully obtained the blessing God had already destined for him, later

established a right relationship with God, and finally was blessed by God to marry and produce children with the wife he loved and for whom he long labored.


Lesson 10: November 4, 2018

A Troubled Birth

Genesis 25:19–34

We are often discouraged when our lives do not go smoothly but are disrupted by human conflict and struggle. How can our efforts amount to anything worthwhile when riddled with human frailty and error? In spite of their selfish actions, God was present in the lives of Esau and Jacob.


Lesson 11: November 11, 2018

Jacob Receives Isaac’s Blessing

Genesis 27:5–10, 18–19, 21–29

Deceiving others is a way that people get what they want. Does human deception erase the worth of human accomplishment? Even though the deception used by Rebekah and Jacob disrupted their family, God still worked through their situation to accomplish the planned and promised divine redemption of fallen humanity.


Lesson 12: November 18, 2018

Jacob Forms a Relationship with God

Genesis 28:10–22

In the midst of human turmoil, we grow weary and can lose sight of the purpose for our lives. How can we escape the confusion to refresh and reorient ourselves to get back on track? God created an opportunity for the weary Jacob to reconnect with his spiritual mission and resources for him to begin his life’s journey with renewed vigor.


Lesson 13: November 25, 2018

God Blesses Jacob and Rachel

Genesis 30:22–32, 43

Obstacles and loss often block our efforts to accomplish something worthwhile. How can we overcome these setbacks in order to live lives that count for good? God intervened to help Jacob overcome seeming defeat by not only gaining many possessions but also escaping the wrath of a selfish and deceptive father-in-law.

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