Who Doesn’t Love Great Benefits


by Mwikali Munyao


We live in a world where everyone is wondering what they will get out of life. Every moment sometimes is reduced to a transaction, and every thought can sometimes feel like you are standing in a bargaining court. It is all about getting the best, being the first to attain and maintain it. That is the reason why people will line up on a cold day to buy the latest gadget. The concept of winning and being first is etched on their mind. The biggest motivation for this is love. Looking for what you love, wanting to be loved, doing something you love, or being around people who genuinely love you.


God has created humanity to win in love and life. It is a reality that is so often diluted and minimized by Christians when the world has embraced this concept. Winning at all costs is different all together, but the idea of embracing yourself as a winner seems rather foreign to many Christians, yet is one of the most reasonable expectations God has for us. He expects us to win, and win big. He wants us to love and be loved well. The biggest example He gave us is through His love for us. The ultimate sacrifice He gave of His only Son is proof that He with-holds nothing from us, and wants us to succeed in this life because we are victorious in Him.


Psalm 103 is very inspiring depending on your viewpoint. If you only look at this Scripture as verses for inspiration, the revelation will be limited to that capacity. However, taking the limits off, and looking at it with the eyes of a great and loving God, changes your perspective about life, loving God, and worshiping Him


1. God believes in assurance and insurance.

If you own a car and intend to drive it, you legally need to have proof of insurance. The money you pay monthly or biannually to the insurance company does not make you jump with joy each time you look at your bank account. However, you have a sense of confidence when you have that insurance card in your glove compartment. Why? Because purchasing car insurance is a way to prove that you are a law-abiding citizen, and that you care about your life and the lives of other motorists. Psalm 103:2 is God’s assurance to us that, as His children, He has us covered. “Bless the LORD, O my soul and forget not all His benefits.”


2. God has benefits lined up for us.

Different times, different seasons, there are benefits to make us navigate through life with grace, strength, and peace that God thought about us and ensured we had the best. He assures us He is always in control. The best insurance for a Christian is God. Settle that in your spirit and receive all the benefits He has scheduled for your life.


3. God loves recycling and upgrading.

Many Christians, including myself, struggle with the “what if ’s” in our lives. We say things like, “Maybe if I had done this, then that would not have happened.” You can get in a boxing match and punch your self-esteem to shambles with this question to no avail—until Psalm 103:4 gets an opportunity to minister to you. “Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies.” God knows the mistakes you have made. It does not help Him or yourself to throw a pity party and waste so many tissues crying over things you cannot change. The reality is, God wants to comfort you. He wants to let you know that if you will only surrender and believe, whatever was sent to destroy you, He will and can redeem —not once, not twice, but consistently—and save your life from destruction. Why? Because sometimes it’s patterns we have learned that have to be continually broken.


It may be cycles you have created in your life to attract destruction. So daily, as you are willing, God is able to redeem your life from destruction. I call that the best recycling heaven can offer. God is able to take my worst and make it so amazing. He can turn all things to work for my good, but I have to let Him.


To be bestowed a crown, one has to have the posture to receive. If God is going to redeem our lives and crown us with love and tender mercies, it will come down to one act from us: our ability to receive. Nothing is as hurtful as a shunned gift. Especially if you have put so much effort into getting, wrapping, and delivering it. How many times daily, weekly, monthly do we shun God because we do not understand His love?


Let me phrase it this way: How many times do we prefer to cuddle rejection and have dinner with abandonment because that is what we are accustomed to? Why do we do that instead of taking a leap of faith to walk with Jesus who loves us so much?


For redemption to happen in our lives, we will need to surrender all. Your good, bad, and ugly. As you do, reciprocate your broken-ness by receiving the love from God, who does not judge you, but sees your tender heart and extends His mercy. That is true worship.


4. Grant God the permission to be a Father to you.

The concept of having a Father you cannot see is so foreign and sometimes the subject is so touchy that many ministers tend to leave it alone. I prefer to dive into this subject and not ignore it, because God keeps speaking it in His Word. Look at Psalm 103:13. “Like as a father pitieth his children, so the LORD pitieth them that fear Him.” There was a particular incident in my life that I remember so well (I have had a few of these may I add). I was very hurt and went to pray about some things that had happened to me. I did not know what to tell God because no words would come out of my mouth. The pain was so excruciating that tears just welled up in my eyes. As I tried to gather my thoughts to at least tell God I was there (as though He did not know), I heard God’s voice tenderly and audibly tell me, “My daughter, your tears have a voice. Let them talk to me, let them flow.” Since that day, I regularly schedule crying days (please don’t judge), especially for times when I do not know what to do and it seems that God is far away. Of course I cannot manipulate God, and it would be wrong to think our tears do that, but it changed how I viewed crying before the Lord.


When I see people kneeling at the altar and all they can do is cry, letting the deep wail from their soul come out as they express to God what they feel inside, I always think about what God told me that day. Our tears have a voice.


God does not want to pity us because it is a sign of weakness, but sometimes you want to know you have a God you can run to and share your fears, frustrations, secrets, pains, and hurts with Him. Even if it is in tears. This Scripture assures you of the benefit of comfort from a loving Father who empathizes in those moments you feel alone and hopeless.


Loving and worshiping God go hand in hand. It comes down to perspective. It’s looking at your life and seeing the hand of God, what He has done, what He is capable of doing. Releasing control, surrendering all, knowing that God is not keeping a large black book on you, but desires for you to excel in life. It changes you. All of a sudden, the Word of God becomes the handbook for life. You first go to it as a manual for study, to understand the benefits you qualify for in your daily life.


As you start your week, remember, the love of God is a two-way street. We show God true worship and love by receiving Him and allow-ing His love to permeate our lives. He already showed us His ultimate love by sending His only Son to die for us. Now we have the opportunity to reciprocate this love by living for Him in total surrender and submission. Remember this week to bless God and know great benefits are waiting to manifest in your life. But you have to discover them, and let them flow because they are free to those who receive by faith.


Dear God,Thank you for the consistent reminder of your love, care, and thoughtfulness. I am not just an existing figure or a statistic; I am your child. You have great things for me, and I want to experience them. I surrender my life. I surrender the control I have had over the perspective of my life, how things should be, where I should go, whom I should end up with, and what career I should aspire to have. All the worries and concerns that seem to cloud my mind daily, I surrender to you and receive the benefit of this beautiful day. You are here with me, and that alone is a great benefit. I pour out my heart to you, and receive your comfort and confidence that you have tomorrow covered. When I wake up tomorrow, the benefits will be right there, waiting for me. Only a loving Father like you can think so strategically about everything. I am truly special in your eyes. And for that, I say thank you. Amen.


Mwikali Munyao is a contributing writer to Urban Faith and Precepts for Living® from Chicago, IL by way of Kenya.