Empowering Bible Studies

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Stop missing out on everything the Word has to offer.

We understand what it’s like to read the word of God and want more context than what’s on the page.

What does this story really mean in context?

How do I bring it to life for my devotional, small group, or congregation?

How does this passage relate to other parts of the Bible?

How do I connect what I’m reading to what’s meaningful today?


Transform how you do Bible Study on your own or in a group with digital resources to make your lessons fresh, relatable, and interactive.

You’ll experience:

Biblically-sound content with a culturally relevant narrative

Comprehensive lessons explained in a refreshingly unique way

Images and videos featuring African Americans and with storylines African Americans can relate to

Text, Images, and videos highlighting Africans and Black people in the Bible

Interactive mobile experience with audio of most text

and so much more!

“The platform has aided our Bible Study
group in staying connected digitally.

The videos are engaging and offer deeper clarity of God’s Word. The lesson plans and PowerPoint presentations make preparing for each lesson a breeze. Precepts Digital is an essential resource for modern teachers and students alike.”

Kimberly E.
Salem Missionary Baptist Church, Brooklyn, NY

Features designed to help you go deeper.

Bring the Bible In-Focus

Explore in-depth background information and get clear insights from scripture verses.

and listen

Supplemental video and audio content creates an engaging and interactive experience.

Reflect and apply

Pray and reflect on what you’ve learned with thought-provoking questions.

and teach

One-page lesson overviews and PowerPoint slide decks to make preparation and instruction easy.

Track your progress

Daily and weekly lessons provide a powerful routine to keep you connected to the Word.


Beyond simply reading and knowing God’s Word to practical application and actually living it!

I gain understanding from your precepts.
Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light
to my path

Psalm 119: 104-5

“Precepts Digital is a great companion to the
Precepts for Living Annual Commentary.

It gives my students a clearer picture of God’s Word through excellent videos and slide decks. Great value at a great price.”

Rory M.
New Covenant Baptist Church, San Antonio, TX