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Precepts® is now social! Now you have the ability to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. Share a message based on what you’ve read during your study time. Use the selected passage to promote your Bible study or Sunday School class.

Weekly live chats with subject matter experts

You will have a subject matter expert to live chat and answer any question you may have on this week’s lesson. If you are struggling with how to teach a difficult passage or you just want new ideas to make your class lively, then tune in. You won’t be disappointed!

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Precepts For Living® is a must-have . . . It contains powerful in-depth insight to help you get the most out of the Word of God.”
― Rev. James T. Meeks, Senior Pastor, Salem Baptist Church



Engaging the Theme

Thematic essays written by scholars and pastors provide an overview of each quarter’s theme, putting each lesson into a unified context.

Black History

Each quarter features a profile of a significant figure in African American history, whose life reflects the qualities of the quarterly theme. The Scriptures in Precepts for Living® honor our heritage and connect to history.

Contextualized Illustrations

Full-page artwork brings the Scriptures to life. The illustrations in Precepts for Living® distinctively portray people of color in the biblical experience, helping African American and urban readers visualize Bible characters and events in a way that’s relevant to their cultural context.

Teaching Tips

Each lesson in Precepts for Living® includes a page of teaching tips designed by teachers, for teachers. Every week, you’ll find valuable, ready-to-use educational aids.

Aim for Change

The big picture of each passage of Scripture and its application is summarized in a simple sentence, targeting the Bible lessons toward knowledge, attitude, and action development.

In Focus

An original story opens each week’s lesson, illustrating how the Bible applies to real-life concerns. Realistic characters, thought-provoking conversations, and relevant life situations connect to show that the Bible speaks meaningfully to everyone.

Parallel KJV and NLT Scripture Text

Whether you prefer the traditional phrases of the King James Version or the up-to-date language of the New Living Translation, Precepts for Living® has what you need. Both translations of Scripture are presented side–by–side so you can compare and contrast each translation, providing a balanced understanding of the biblical text.

Bible Background

Background information helps expand your knowledge of the Bible and its world. “The People, Places, and Times” further examines the historical settings and important characters of the Bible, while “Background” explains the passage’s place in Scripture and important doctrinal themes.

Discussion and Application

Thought-provoking, open-ended questions let you “Discuss the Meaning” with your Bible Study group or Sunday School class. To help you connect the message to life, “Liberating Lesson” and “Application for Activation” provide specific goals for application. This helps make sure you don’t just engage your head, but also your hands and your heart.

More Light on the Text

“More Light on the Text” is in-depth analysis for when you want to further explore the Scripture passage. Written by experienced Bible scholars, this section explores the passage’s themes and meanings with Greek and Hebrew word studies and detailed exegesis.

Daily Bible Readings

Reading guides from the International Uniform Lessons provide a convenient plan for reading your Bible throughout the week. Every day’s passage of Scripture connects to the theme of the week’s lesson, helping you understand the Bible as a whole.

Previous years of Precepts for Living® Online

All of the previous years of Precepts for Living® Online at your fingertips.

Videos and Infographics

Videos with tips on how to lead people to Christ, use commentaries, and a discussion of relevant issues to the African American community.

Online Community

Now you can connect with other Precepts for Living® Online users. You'll be able to share insights and best practices. Sign up your entire Bible study group and create an online community so you can interact between sessions.

Additional Precepts® Content

Sometimes we can’t fit everything in the book, but online, the sky is the limit. Get additional ``People, Places, and Times`` entries, as well as essays on difficult topics.