Quarter At-A-Glance: December 2017

Faith in Action

The study this quarter explores the twofold nature of faith as belief and action. Selections from Acts show various examples of proclaiming faith in Christ. In the book of Daniel, we see faith in action as sincere, obedient, bold, and strong. The lessons from several epistles show how our actions both as individuals and as communities demonstrate our faith in Christ.

UNIT 1 • The Early Church Proclaims Faith in Christ

This first section contains five lessons that reveal what the early leaders proclaimed about living our faith in Christ. The Scripture sections in Acts report several examples of social welfare ministry and evangelism in spite of opposition. The lesson in Ephesians teachers about faith that leads to unity in the body of Christ. The Christmas session gives an account of the wise men who faithfully searched for the newborn King of the Jews.

Lesson 1: December 3, 2017

Faith in Jesus
Acts 3:11-21

We live in a world full of divisions, hatred, trouble, and chaos. Will we ever experience harmony? Isaiah’s prophecy reveals that the sovereign God will bring about a world of peace.

Lesson 2: December 10, 2017

Faith to Discern
Acts 13:1-12

Sometimes we are at a loss when unexpected events interfere with our goals. How can we keep our commitments and forge ahead? Empowered by their faith in Jesus, Paul and Barnabas preached and taught about Jesus despite a false prophet’s efforts to deter them.

Lesson 3: December 17, 2017

Faith to Persevere
Acts 14:8-11, 19-23

Sometimes the good things we do are blocked by an unexpected obstruction, but we pickup and continue anyway. What gives us the strength to keep going? Even though he was stoned and persecuted, Paul’s faith in his message impelled him to continue to proclaim the Good News of God.

Lesson 4: December 24, 2017

Faithful Seekers of the King
Matthew 2:1-12

People often search for the best ways to honor someone they look up to and revere. How can we best honor a special person? The magi traveled a great distance from their own country to Bethlehem in order to give gifts and pay homage to Jesus, the child born King of the Jews.

Lesson 5: December 31, 2017

Faith to Unite
Ephesians 4:1-16

Many people search all their lives for something that will make them feel grounded, whole, and in sync with life. Where can they find that something? Paul told the Ephesians that even though they had many different gifts, their faith in Christ would bring them unity and help them grow together in love.

UNIT 2 • A Living Faith in God

This section has four lessons exploring faith in action from the book of Daniel. These lessons provide models for ways to actively engage in behaviors that demonstrate sincerity, obedience, boldness, and strength of faith.

Lesson 6: January 7, 2018

A Sincere Faith
Daniel 1:8-21

People find themselves confronted by contradictory requirements from different sources of authority. How do we resolve such conflicts? Daniel’s active faith, combined with his tact, helped him resolve his conflict and remain obedient to God in terms of dietary requirements.

Lesson 7: January 14, 2018

A Bold Faith
Daniel 3:19-23, 26-28

Sometimes people are challenged to endure great trials and tribulations because of their convictions. How can they face such challenges and remain faithful? Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego boldly disobeyed the king’s command and were delivered from the fiery furnace by the power of God.

Lesson 8: January 21, 2018

A Prayer for an Obedient Faith
Daniel 9:4-8, 15-19

People want release from feelings of shame that can result from past mistakes. Where can they go to find such relief? Daniel prayed to the Lord a prayer of confession, seeking forgiveness, mercy, and strength to obey.

Lesson 9: January 28, 2018

A Strong Faith

Daniel 10:10-19

Sometimes circumstances of life cause us to feel like we can’t go on. Where can we find strength to do so? Daniel found strength in prayer and from the angel sent by God to encourage him and answer his prayer.

UNIT 3 • Self-Controlled, Upright, and Godly Faith

This third section includes four lessons that look at passages from Acts, James, and 1 Timothy, providing specific examples of faith as both belief and action. James teaches that faith without works is dead. The lesson from 1 Timothy offers instructions about leading others in a life of faith.

Lesson 10: February 4, 2018

Faith Without Works is Dead
James 2:14-26

People know that talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words. How are to live in this regard? James says that our professions of faith must be matched by accompanying actions.

Lesson 11: February 11, 2018

A Disciplined Faith
James 3:1-12

Everyone knows the pain and destruction that result from hurtful words. How do we keep from causing such pain and destruction? James says that we should control our tongue so that only blessings come from it.

Lesson 12: February 18, 2018

Faithful Disciples
Acts 9:36-43

In times of crisis, people look for help. What qualities do they look for in a helper? When Tabitha died, faithful followers of Christ sent for the apostle Peter for help.

Lesson 13: February 25, 2018

Fight the Good Fight of Faith
1 Timothy 6:11-21

We are surrounded by all kinds of advice. What is the best advice to follow? Paul charges Timothy to embrace certain attitudes and actions and avoid others in order to strengthen his faith.


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